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Saturday, April 29, 2017


SkyByte is proud of its diverse client list. We have clients in the Fortune 500 with thousands of employees and clients with as few as five employees. We are working in a time when employee count is no longer relevant. Small and medium businesses have many of the same needs as enterprise businesses.  Our client’s total gross revenues are in excess of 500 million dollars a year. We take our responsibility for the systems that run these businesses very seriously and treat them like they are our own. SkyByte works hard to establish long term relationships with its clients. The proof: Our consultants have been taking care of some clients for over fifteen years.  

SkyByte looks for clients that take their IT seriously and recognize that IT service and investments are critical to their success and survival. It's simple really...If our clients succeed we succeed! We believe in bringing our personal integrity to the table with each client. Can you say the same about your current IT firm?

SkyByte works in many demographics: law, financial, food, metals, textiles, heavy industry, machinery, engineering and architecture.

SkyByte also specializes in multilingual computer and server systems. These include the English, German and Japanese languages.

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